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About Us

Chintamani Software is an providing exclusive business advertising solutions through mobile application, with exhaustive end-to-end solutions, 
Chintamani Software was established by Mr. Sadanand Vipradas in October 2020.
with the aim to create application that would help to develop business with minimum cost. 
While adopting new technologies, we made it a point that our services could provide solutions to the layman. 
We continue to grow with the vision to offer our clients better solutions and simplify their business operations.
Technology has been the backbone and first love for us where we wake up with a mobile handset, same we develop your business with advertise.
We are are always ready to solving your business problems.

Our goal as a full-service Business Advertising is to apply our passionate thinkers and creative team to work closely with each client to create unique, creative strategies that produce effective results.


We were born out of a strong desire to provide brands with the quality services they need in order to stay ahead — and we won’t rest until we achieve those results.